Clean air, clean water and clean land is the foundation of life. Our air is polluted. COPD/lung diseases are the most prevalent disorders globally. The amount of plastic waste in the ocean is now being referred to as “plastic islands.” Our landfills are overflowing with municipal waste, rubber, metals, etc.

These are undeniable facts.

We need to move beyond the debate of whether “climate change” is occurring or not. It doesn’t matter. We need tangible solutions to these real problems. Such solutions will not come from politicians who know nothing about science, engineering or technology. It is time we look at these problems and others with rational thinking, not ideologies, Left or Right, Liberal or Conservative, Republican or Democrat. Neither of these sides know how to solve anything to except get themselves elected.

I can assure you that irrational “solutions” like the Paris Accords will do nothing for clean air, clean water or clean land except to line the pockets of Al Gore and other wealthy families. In addition, it will increase the cost of operations of businesses and consumer products. This video below is a must watch, where I explain the reality of the Paris Accords.

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai explains why the Paris Accords are useless for Clean Air, Water and Land.

Innovation, NOT regulation, is the only way to solve these problems. The Paris Accords ALLOWS China to pollute another 11 billion tons of carbon! How is that solving anything?

We need to unleash the power of innovation to deliver technologies as well as eliminate crony capitalism and throw out every career politician who gets in the way of unleashing incredible innovation, which already exist, but cannot reach the market because they do not line the pockets of these politicians and their lobbyists.

As your next U.S. Senator, I will fight and ensure that obstacles for innovators and entrepreneurs are removed so these innovations can be delivered to YOU. I have already begun to organize my Innovation Council for Clean Technology. Technologies such as Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR), also known as cold fusion, must be explored and incentivized. The scientific data shows that there is clearly a unique chemical-nuclear dynamic taking place. Fusion solutions such as this as well as investments in clean coal can provide the clean energy we all deserve.

Career politicians who have never had to solve any problems, have no real background in science or engineering or technology can NEVER address such problems because they will always be relying on lawyers and lobbyists to make their decisions. This is why we need a 21st Century Senator.

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai featured on front page of MIT Tech Talk for being awarded Fulbright Scholarship to research the link between Eastern and Western systems of medicine.

As an innovator, scientist and entrepreneur, with 4 degrees from MIT, who has made incredible wealth from SOLVING PROBLEMS, I am here to WIN THE FUTURE FOR YOU by SOLVING PROBLEMS to deliver you and your children and your children’s children, the clean air, water and land they deserve.

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